Apply Yourself to Reading

Apply Yourself to Reading

Because of the lack of opportunity to attend school, one out of every 6 humans has not learned how to read, and those who have, do not do so regularly. The ability to read from the printed pages allow you to travel to other lands, meet people and to gain practical knowledge on how to deal with life’s problems.

How much a person gets from his schooling, is determined by his ability to read. Reading ability influences the kind of job one can get and how he makes his living; this also helps housewives better able to carry for their families – proper nutrition, hygiene and prevention of sickness, good reading g mother’s also have a measure of positive influence on their children intellectual development.

What is included in your reading program?

  • Do you read magazines and newspapers?
  • Do you read literature soon after purchase?
  • How many of older publications have you read?

Read with Proper Motive

Did you Know?

  • What you read to you children can help shape their personalities.
  • You can be a good speaker by being expressive.
  • Your reading habit influences your mental growth.
  • You can practice and continue to apply Yourself to public reading.

Consider the Pace

Reading goes together with recognition. Even as you are reading right now, you are recognising words and remembering their meanings. The pace of your reading g can be increased by widening that area of recognition. Try seeing several words at the same time instead of looking at each word, you will do d out that you clearly understand what you are reading the more.

To better understand deeper materials it is best to meditate when reading i.e think deeply, not rushing over the material, but rather take a pause when necessary to understand what you just read.


As you read, in some cases where necessary, put yourself in each scene being described, try seeing the characters in your mind’s eyes and follow along with your emotions as you read in arising situations. Involving your senses and and emotions will help grasp the meaning and significance of the material and serve as a memory aid.

There is need to be careful so as not to allow our mind not to wander while reading, your eyes may be fixed on the page and the reading may go on smoothly, but your thoughts may be elsewhere. Do you have the music on? What of the television? Are there others discussing or chatting? If possible, get a quiet location to read. There may be distraction from within you, perhaps you had a busy day earlier, it’s normal to replay the days activities in your mind, but discipline yourself to keep you mind focused on the reading material, after sometime it may possibly wander again, take a little break and continue with┬ádiscipline. Gradually you will see improvement.

Concentrate without distraction

Some words may be difficult to understand at a time while reading, some may be defined or discussed in the text, or you may discern the meaning from the context, else take the time to look up difficult words in a dictionary if available of mark out the difficult words for a later time, as this will broaden you vacbulary and improve your reading comprehension.

Make time to Read

There is need to plan diligently so that other activities do not crowd out our reading.


  1. When do you read?
  2. Do you benefit by reading early in the morning? Or
  3. Are you more alert later in the day?

Regularity is the key, if you can set aside 15 or 20 minutes each day to do some reading, a great deal will be accomplished in your reading capabilities.


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