Effective communication


Effective communication is an art. Not everyone does it well. Many textbooks have been designed to help people to improve in this area, but it seems difficult. At one time or the other we have had education in this area, there is also need to build on such education to be effective.

Everyone needs to make a personal effort to enable him be a very good public speaker.


  • Listening and remembering,
  • Personal reading study,
  • Doing research,
  • Analyzing and organising,
  • Conversing,
  • Answering questions and;
  • Putting thought down in writing.

Give priority to reading any portion of the material you will be considering, if you are also able to read in advance the material, this too will be beneficial, especially one you will be participating in, take advantage of audience participation, getting involved is an important factor in remembering what you hear and being able to put it to use in your personal life.

Be Attentive when listening
LISTENING is an important factor in learning. It can have an influence on a person’s prospects for survival. We also need to prepare our hearts.
Focus your Attention
In focusing Your Attention there are many obstacles to our listening attentively. Our minds may be crowded with anxieties. Noise and movement in the audience or outside the meeting place may distract us.

Physical discomfort may pose a difficulty in concentration. What can help us to keep our attention focused on a program? The eyes. The eyes strongly influence where we focus our attention. Use your eyes to help you concentrate by keeping them on the speaker, Resist the temptation to turn your head in the direction of every noise or movement. If the eyes are flooding your mind with distracting information, you will miss much of what is being presented from the program.

Listening to a talk, however, involves more than just collecting outstanding points. A talk is like a journey. Although there may be interesting things to see along the way, the main thing is the destination, the objective. The speaker may be trying to lead the audience to a certain conclusion or move them to take some action.


  • Keep your eyes on the speaker.
  • Look for the objective of a talk.
  • Mentally respond to questions asked; listen carefully to comments given.
  • Take brief notes.
  • Isolate points that you personally plan to apply.


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