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The human brain has the marvelous ability to remember, our creator designed it as a reservoir that could be tapped from without losing the precious things that we have put in it. Many a times we think or feel that too much of what we take in gets lost. It’s not there when we want it. What can you do to improve your memory?


Taking interest is important to our memory improvement, by making it a habit to be observant in what is going on around us and the people we have around too. It becomes easier for us to respond to with similar interest when we hear or read something of lasting value. If we refuse to take interest in people, we sometimes find it hard to remember their names.

Taking interest in people makes it easier in remembering names. What can help?

  • Make it a practice to use a person’s name several times when you first speak with them,
  • Associate the person’s name with his face and;
  • Spend time with individuals at meals and at other times.

To remember what you read is important. To do this what can help? Interest and comprehension are particular, focus attention on what you read, information will not be retained if your mind wanders. Comprehension improves when information are related to things that are familiar to you or to knowledge you already have.

Ask yourself:

  • How and when can I apply this information in my own life?
  • How can I use it to help someone else?

Read phrases instead of words Individually​, principal thought will be grasped and easily remembered​.

Take Time to Review

Education experts emphasize the value of review. So immediately after reading – or so e major portion of it, review the principal ideas mentally to fix them into your mind. Think about how you would explain them in your own words and new points you learned in the course of your reading. In refreshing your memory the length of time you can retain the point will be extended.

In the next few days, seek to review what you read by sharing the information with someone else. It could be done with a family member, workmates, neighbour or schoolmate.


Meditating on important things that have been learnt is important and beneficial, as these will impress truly vital things on your heart. It will mould the person you are on the inside.


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