Interview Questions and Answers


Q. Tell me about yourself.
A. Good morning and thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself.
I am Daniel Zephaniah from Delta.
I have a B.Ed. in Library and Information Science from TASUED.
I have done my internship with Caleb University for 10 weeks where I learnt various library procedures.
At Caleb University I worked I various department of the library like cataloguing and classification, e-library etc.
My hobbies are footballing, playing games and Driving.

Q. why did you study library?
A. I love reading and researching and helping others to learn, it affords me a lot of materials to choose from especially from the web.

Q. which department are you particularly interested in and why?
A. I am particularly interested in the cataloguing and classification aspect of the library profession.
I find this aspect as the best way of proper arrangement of materials on the shelves and helping users to to locate the materials themselves.

Q. why should we employ you?
A. I am a very aggressive and focused person who likes to take on challenges.
I am a team player with good knowledge on library routine and ready to learn.
I feel that the role and exposure to knowledge which your organization will provide me is totally inline with my interest.

Q. What are your strengths?
Some strengths are listed below
A. Energetic, Clever, Imaginative, Adaptable, Resourceful, Loyal, Devoted, Confident, Responsive, Diplomatic, Encouraging, Reliable, Responsible, Ambitious, Observant, Hospitable, Inventing, Dependable, Enthusiastic.

Q. What are your weaknesses?
A. Self-involved: Repetitive on a particular task to understand it better,
Self-involved: When I have a task to do, I focus and give my 100%

Q. What are you passionate about?
A. I am very passionate about driving.
I love concentration and maneuvering to get to my destination on time.

Q. What do you think about money?
A. Money is never a priority to me.
I need a decent package to live comfortable instead of being rich.

Q. What are our expectations from this job?
A. Learning new things over the period.
Good exposure to client communication and a good pay that justify my role and duties.

Q. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
A. I see myself becoming more skilled, more efficient and more professional, better person and at a higher position in the company that would not want to loose me at any cost
I want to devout the next few years learning new skills taking up challenging jobs and putting in my hardwork to grow.

Q. Why do you want this job?
A. I am looking at this role as an opportunity and to me, your organization is the best platform for me to start a long term career.
It will help me to gain experience and knowledge for my career growth which will in turn be helpful to the organization.

Q. What is your long term goal?
A. Live a happy life.
Relevant experience.
Passion for work.

Q. What motivates you to do a good job?
A. Friends and Family.
I don’t rely on​ someone to motivate me.

Q. What would you say if your manager is crazy about an idea, but you think its incorrect?
A. I would present my opinion to him and a probable solution with its benefit and wait for his opinion.
Managers have a lot of experience in the field and can most atimes see a big picture

Q. How long would you expect to work if hired?
A. I’m looking far a long term commitment of minimum 3 years

Q. Describe your ideal company, location and role?
A. Name the industry where your dream company lies
Location near your home

Q. What do you know about our company?
A. List company products
Price and recent Developments
Vision and Mission.

Q. Why do you want to join our company and not any other?
A. Ethics of the company,
The job you are applying for as it matches you passion
Near to home etc.

Q. Are you willing to relocate?
A. yes I am
No, give reasons

Q. Do you have any questions for me?

A. What does a day at your company looks like?

How would you rate this interview out of 10?
What will be my responsibilities if I am given an opportunity?


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