Take Time to Study

Study takes different perspectives and careful attention to related matters. There is the need to analyze details, evaluate differences, remember previous selections and compare with the present (What we now see).

When we study, we get the rewards for it, as we become more knowledgeable in the field of study, becoming more productive and the rate at which we make decisions and it’s quality will show evidence of discernment and wisdom.

Study is more than just reading. It involves using our mental faculties to carefully consider the subject matter. It involves the following.

  • Analyzing what you read,
  • Comparing with previous knowledge,
  • Take note of reasons for statements,
  • Think deeply in new ideas identified,
  • Review the main points,
  • Determine how you can apply what you have read ( if or where necessary),
  • Think about opportunities to use the material​ to help others.

How to reap the greatest reward

Study time!

When preparing to study, there are materials needed such as reference materials (If available), pencil or pen and a notebook or jotter.

Do you also prepare your heart? If you are practically not interested in studying or forced to study with an unprepared heart, you end up getting little (What catches your attention during study) or nothing at all.


How to Study

  1. Analyze the wordings of the title – Before studying begin by analyzing the wordings of the title i.e the theme of what you are studying
  2. carefully note how the subheadings relate to the theme
  3. Take note in examining – note any illustration, charts or bullet points attached to the paragraph.

Ask yourself:

  • From the preview, what do I expect to learn?
  • How will it be of value to me?

This help you get a direction to your study. In the course of study, you may encounter points that you do not understand clearly or would like to get more information to, make a note to give this more consideration later. In some materials, further reading in the paragraph will then clarify your understanding of such points. You may not see how such point apply to the subject being discussed or the feelings that you understand it, but not well enough to explain it to someone else. We can equally do more research on the material for better understanding after the study.


  • How should this affect my attitude and my goals in life?
  • How can this information help me in solving a problem?
  • How can this information help me make a better decision or reach my goal?
  • How can I use this information to help others?

On completion of a chapter take a brief review, see if you can recall the main points​ and support arguments. This will help to retain the information for future use.


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